The best way to achieve your New Year’s Resolutions

2020 is almost here, and you are probably thinking about your New Year’s resolution (like you did last year). This is one of the most shared traditions in the world, and even if there are different ways to celebrate it, depending on cultures and countries, we know the essence is the same: to release the past (especially if it was a tough one) and planning the future.

There is nothing like a fresh start to feel like we are in control, and we can achieve anything! That’s why we love Mondays and New Years to come; because they bring power and determination.

Sounds easy and cute, huh? But actually, researchers say that 60% of people make New Year’s resolutions, but only 46% are successful in achieving them. So, why more than half is struggling to accomplish their own goals? Because of three main reasons: they are too vague, they are based on something other people want them to change, and they are not realistic.

Don’t worry, there is no need to panic because we have some tricks to help you reach your goals for 2020:

Prepare Yourself for the Change

And most importantly, be realistic! Changing habits is not an easy thing to do, but with consistency, you can make it. Some people say you can form a habit in 21 days. Stay positive and be aware of the new things you will face; this way, you can overcome them better. Don’t be drastic and do it gradually, always keeping in mind that you can fail, and there is nothing wrong with that.


If you don’t feel motivated about your resolution, let it go and focus on one that gives you that “I want to make it” kind of feel. Choose a goal that it’s important to you, and that will provide you with a benefit or an actual value to your lifestyle. Make sure your resolution matches your personality, priorities, dreams, and aspirations.

Set Specific Goals

Instead of setting big and ambiguous resolutions, set a specific and small goal easy to accomplish. It’s not about taking the easy path or underestimate yourself. It’s about being realistic and understanding that every step you take, even if it seems small, will lead you to the way you are looking to walk on.

Write Down your Resolutions

Let’s go back to basics, we don’t know why, but on this technological world, using traditional resources is a different thing to experience; we take it for granted, and we underestimated the power of the tangible. Writing down your goals is like adding a compromise to achieve them, is a handwritten promise to yourself by you. You can put your resolutions sheet on a place you look frequently or even keep it with yourself everywhere you go in your Alton Silver Cosmetic Bag as a reminder of your path and sort of like an amulet.

Don’t Be Afraid to Start Fresh

If you feel like you’re failing, don’t give up, just take a break and start again whenever you are ready. If you need a start point, you can use a new week, a new month, or even an important day like your birthday. It’s about being persistent and working hard on what you want so bad.

We are humans, and we can make mistakes, that doesn’t make you a loser. Learn from your failures and keep trying, we know YOU CAN DO IT!

2020 we are ready for you!

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